A Schneider-Rappel is always unique

A piece of jewellry from Schneider-Rappel is always an original because its form reflects the unique personality of the wearer. Regardless of whether you are giving yourself a present or making someone else happy, whether you fall in love with a bangle from the shop window or order a new piece a Schneider-Rappel is always something special.

Gold, silver
and more

Not every piece has to be made of gold, silver or precious stones. A contrast between materials often creates astonishing effects. For example, do you have a piece of wood that reminds you of someone special? This can be wonderfully incorporated into a souvenir piece of jewelry. We also use experimental materials such as plastic, rubber, aluminum and natural stones.

Respect for resources

Green is as valuable as gold. In a world of dwindling resources, we respect and maintain a sensitive attitude towards dealing with them. Schneider- Rappel attaches particular importance to environmentally friendly processing. We leave nature as untouched as possible in our pieces of jewellry and pay respect to the environment in every step of our creative work.